The conference will be held at the beautiful Baghdad-ul-Jadeed (BJ) Campus of the IUB which is located about 15 minutes drive from the Sheikh Rashid International Airport and about 10 minutes drive from the Bahawalpur city. Banks, post office, stores, restaurants and travel agencies are also located within short distance of the BJ Campus. Shuttle service is freely available after every half an hour to the campus residents and the participants of an event staying in the campus; to take them to the various parts of the city including shopping centers and other attractions. Transfer

Participants and students from Pakistan and all over the world can reserve their seats in advance on self-payment basis. Complementary transportation will be provided for international and national participants and students from different stations (airport, bus and railway station) to hotels and conference room. The best suitable airport for international speakers and participants is situated in Multan district of the Punjab and is only 100 km away from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

For reservation of seats from airport, bus and railway stations, telephone No. are below

Sr. No Bus Stand (BWP) Railway Station (BWP) Airport (Multan)
1 Sammi Daewoo 062-111-007-008 062-9255364 061-9200301
2 Bilal Daewoo& Faisal Movers 062-2888358

For further assistant, participants and students should contact with

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah
(Cell No. +923226228229; Email:

 Dr. Pia Muhammad Adnan Ramzani
(Cell No. +923336364742; Email:

 Dr. MubashirManzoor
(Cell No. +923006868645; Email: