FIFA Mobile 18 – Brings The Console Predecessor Right Into Your Pocket

The company EA Sports has basically all but dominated creating sports games for consoles, but it hasn’t managed to break in as well to mobile app games … until now. The brand new FIFA Mobile packs everything that should only be able to fit on a big time console onto your phone or tablet, and the results are overall impressive.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the newest features for FIFA Mobile:

  • Attack mode:splits up a 90-minute game into episodes to make it easier to play on the go
  • Plans:allows you to remove items you don’t want and put them in a deck to gain rewards over time
  • Leagues:players can create their own league or join someone else’s in order to compete in special games with bigger prizes
  • Campaign:an all-new single player experience, go through chapters where you unlock new characters and gain new rewards
  • Training: train your players and build the best team

Play anywhere, any time on Attack Mode

Perhaps the biggest addition to the game, the developers understood that most people are playing mobile games during the brief pauses of their busy day – they designed Attack Mode to be a 90-minute game separated into four short intervals. It’s unlikely that players will be playing this mode at the same time – so players take turns and can do so at different times. Players must score as many goals as they can, and the game provides a number of scenarios.

Max out your team’s stats with Plans

Take an item you’ve earned but don’t want and store it in the deck for more rewards. Some people think this would be better fit for a collectible card game, but it’s an interesting feature nonetheless. For example, if you win a new player, you can either upgrade your team with him or put them in storage for a special plan. Save more players in your deck to win and even greater reward.

To earn more rewards for your plans, you can participate in Live Events that constantly change. Completing events also rewards you with coins that you can redeem in the player Store. Other packs can only be purchased with FIFA points, paid for with real-world currency.

Enter fierce Leagues and compete

Create your own league or join another, and compete in special championships for even bigger prizes. You play the games on Attack Mode and the winner is chosen by the overall number of goals achieved by both teams. All this lacks is the cooperative element that was present in this game’s console prequel, FIFA 17. Playing in leagues allows you to join friends or even compete with (or against) the best FIFA players on the globe.

Dominate it solo on Campaign mode

One wouldn’t think a campaign mode should be featured in a soccer game, but FIFA Mobile takes an ambitious leap. You can advance through chapters and win rewards on your own in the single-player campaign. Each level isn’t just about scoring the most goals – you’ll need to complete unique challenges, such as dribbling drills, to passing the ball, to avoiding any penalties.

Train your team to perfection

The new FIFA Mobile allows you to train players and raise up the best team you can. You can develop and even more competitive team than in past games. Select your 11 players from more than 500 real-life teams and train them to be more than 100 OVR. Training your players with daily drills is actually half of the meat of the entire game.

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